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Customer thinks about import of commodity
kanda co ltd is manufacturing sales are done to tableware in Japan and China
The tableware that the customer specifies can be manufactured, Japan ware, Silver ware, cutlery, food machine, kitchen articles, and commercial detergent.
Hereafter, the inquiry : to the address. info@kanda-touki.jp

The commodity catalog can be downloaded from the under. Please check hereII
catalog information
Our company wants to have dealings over sales of tableware
It searches for the company that manufactures, and sells it to our company of the commodity below kanda co Ltd

1. Tableware of earthenware and pottery.
2. Crack chopsticks wooden and made of bamboo.
3. Miscellaneous goods, premium, and sales promotion commodity.

Hereafter, the inquiry : to the address. info@kanda-touki.jp

company overview
Name   kanda co Ltd
Inauguration   November 1930
Capital   capital japnese Yen 63000000
Number of employee   9 person(mar 2013)
Representative   Chizuko Kanda Executive president
Business line   Manufacturing and Trading sales of [hanautsuwa]and [k] brand tableware
Manufacturing place   Japan and China
Customer   Japan and every country in the world
Head office   61-14kamedahoncho,hakodatecity,hokkaido,Japan@041-0813
Tel   81-138-43-5000
Fax   81-138-43-5008
E-mai   info@kanda-touki.jp
URL   http://www.kanda-touki.jp
Skype   kanda-toki
Associated company   yamatomi co,. ltd
Exportimport business
Property management service

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